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Cruise fashion: The Mini Jen travel bag by Mia Tui

A few months ago, travel bag experts Mia Tui kindly sent me one of their popular Mini Jen bags to review. Travel bags are a bit of a new concept to me, as I normally just pop everything in a rucksack when I go on holiday. But having used the Mini Jen on a recent cruise, I am definitely a Mia Tui convert!

With my Mini Jen on Ventura
With my Mini Jen on Ventura

About Mia Tui

Launched in 2010, Mia Tui’s creator Charlotte wanted to make a bag that suited her busy lifestyle. She views her creations as the busy woman’s best friend, with an emphasis on style and practicality. All of Charlotte’s bags are made in her friend Van’s factory in Vietnam and the company do not use any animal based products, making them a great choice for vegans. Mia Tui have a wide range of items to suit a variety of needs including work bags, backpacks and occasion bags.

Mini Jen

The Mini Jen
The Mini Jen

I chose to have the Mini Jen in graphite as I felt the colour went well with most outfits and it was a bit more exciting than black. This bag is a smaller version of Mia Tui’s classic Jennie travel bag. I opted for the mini version so I could use it as an everyday handbag should I need to. It is made out of vegan friendly soft faux leather, which means it’s suitable for all weathers.

What’s included?

The Mini Jen is unique because it comes with several clever features that help make it the ultimate handy travel bag. Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 clear internal bag with hand strap
  • 1 matching clutch bag with hand and X-body strap
  • 1 insulated water bottle holder
  • Elasticated key clip
  • Phone pocket
  • Pen holder
  • Hands free shoulder strap
  • Metal studs on base of bag for protection
  • Turquoise interior
The Mini Jen and the Alex
The Mini Jen and the Alex

My favourite features

Lining and clutch

First off, I loved the bright turquoise waterproof interior, which contrasted really well with the graphite exterior. The clutch bag is a really handy feature if you are just nipping ashore and don’t want to take a bag that’s too big. Alternatively you can use it around the ship to keep your cruise card in.

Pocket space

Mia Tui claim the pocket space in the Mini Jen is big enough for iPads, Kindles and Tablets. My Kindle slotted into one of the larger pockets easily. My laptop would also fit inside the bag if I wanted to carry it somewhere. The separate compartments make it easy to find things ensuring that everything ‘has its place.’

Clear internal bag

Clear internal bag
Clear internal bag

I am a big fan of the clear internal bag, which I used as a makeup bag. It meant I didn’t ruin the lining with leaky makeup. It also kept everything together in one place. I imagine this would be really beneficial when going through security at the airport.

The suitcase pocket

The suitcase pocket
The suitcase pocket

One of my favourite features (and an absolute life-saver) was the exterior pocket that slots over your suitcase. Every bag should have one of these! It meant I was able to wheel my suitcase around with the Mini Jen attached, freeing me up to carry extra bits and pieces on and off the ship. As my bag was so full, it also took the stress off of my shoulder.

Water bottle holder

I used the water bottle holder a lot during ship visits. I like to take a bottle of water on board with me, particularly during the summer, so this was really useful. If you are a fan of the gym, or regularly commute to work, I can see this being used a lot. It also doubled as a really useful sunglasses case holder, when packing for the cruise.

Metal studs

The metal studs on the bottom of the bag mean that the Mini Jen stands sturdily on the ground. It also protects the lower half of the bag meaning it doesn’t scrape on the floor.

The Alex folding travel bag

The Alex
The Alex

Mia Tui also sent me one of their folding Alex travel bags. Retailing at £14, this bag comes in lots of bright colours and fun patterns (mine was grey with white spots). Like the Mini Jen, it also has a pocket that slips over your suitcase. It’s very versatile and it can easily be used as a beach bag, overnight bag, shopper or extra space for holiday bargains!


With my Mini Jen on Britannia
With my Mini Jen on Britannia

I was very impressed with my Mini Jen and I am grateful to Mia Tui for introducing me to their brand. Although it was sent to me a while ago, I wanted to test it out properly when I went on my cruise in June. I packed my bag to the brim when boarding and disembarking the ship, and I was amazed I could fit so much into it! I liked the fact that my hand luggage was well organised, which is something you never get with a rucksack. Before the cruise, I used it as a general handbag, which proved perfect for ship visits, shopping trips and overnight stays.

I would love to try more Mia Tui products in the future. I’ve got my eye on their award-winning baby changing bags at the moment! The Mini Jen retails at £52 and you will find more information on the Mia Tui website. Do you want to find out what my packing essentials are? You can find out all about them here.

Although I was gifted this bag, all opinions are entirely my own and I was not paid to write this review. If I am not happy with a product, or if there are features I do not like, then I will be entirely honest when writing about it. 

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