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To cruise or not to cruise…

If you’ve come across this blog, the likelihood is you’re either thinking about cruising or have booked a cruise. I know how daunting cruising can be, particularly if you are visiting destinations you haven’t been to before.

Me at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix
Me at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix

You may be wondering why my blog is different to the many other cruise blogs out there. Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience cruising from every angle. As well as being a former cruise ship crew member, I am married to a former cruise ship deputy captain and I left my marketing job in 2015, so I could travel with him full-time. Between 2015 and 2017 I spent six months of each year sailing as a passenger, blogging about the ports I visited. This unique situation enabled me to enjoy the benefits of cruising as a passenger, with the perks of accessing many of the crew areas. I have been on over 100 cruises since my first adventure on the Canberra in 1995.

Cruising as a thirty-something…

Being a cruise passenger in my 30s, I sometimes find that I am one of the younger guests on board. This is often the case with cruises that have long itineraries, or those that sail outside of the school holidays.

Sunset on board Ventura (P&O Cruises)

But the image of cruising is changing, and there are increasing numbers of young couples and families choosing cruise holidays. The average age of people cruising is dropping worldwide, leading to a rise in passengers under the age of 50. Cruise lines are also building ships that cater for a younger market and they are starting to develop new activities for the younger generation.

With these changes in mind, I wanted to share my experience of cruising as a thirty-something. I aim to unpack some common myths about cruise holidays, and I’ll be tackling topics such as dressing for a cruise and the pros and cons of cruising in your 30s. I hope my blog provides some inspiration if you’re planning this type of holiday, whatever your age.

Pimm’s ‘o’ clock on Ventura (P&O Cruises)

My Background

My name is Anna and I live in Hampshire. I am a freelance copywriter and I run my own business www.compasscopywriting.co.uk.

Meeting the locals in Australia

I spent my childhood holidays travelling with my family on cruise ships (on different lines), where my dad is a guest lecturer. In 2009, I went to sea as an Assistant Shore Excursions Manager for P&O Cruises.

I spent three years travelling the world with this job. I cruised as far afield as New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam. I spent three seasons in the Caribbean and sailed on numerous Mediterranean, Norway and Baltic cruises. My favourite itineraries included: America and Canada, the Black Sea and Iceland and Greenland. I sailed on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, Oceana and Ventura.

Enjoying being a passenger on tour

Between 2015 and 2017 I spent two years travelling with my husband on board Ventura, Azura and Oceana, part of the P&O Cruises fleet. I am currently land-based and I now have a daughter, but I still go cruising when I can.

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